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There are many benefits that a business joint venture agreement will be able to give you. Aside from having access to bigger capital, you will also be able to earn more profits if it proves to be a success, as well as all of the future unseen benefits a new contact brings to the table.

However, entering into one of these partnerships should not be taken lightly as one simple mistake can easily turn into a big problem. Here are the three biggest mistakes to avoid.

    1. Not researching on your joint partner thoroughly – Before you enter in a business joint venture partnership with anyone, make sure that you conduct a thorough background research on the person and company involved. You need to know what the general public thinks of the company or the product that you are thinking of associating yourself with. If you fail to do this important first step, you are not just putting your reputation at risk, but also the loyalty of your existing clients.

    2. Having a vague assumption of leadership – When entering into a business joint venture agreement, make sure there is a clear distribution and assignment of leadership roles between all the parties involved. This way, you will be able to avoid any chances of power struggles that may affect the company’s overall profitability. Who needs that extra emotional garbage, anyways?

    3. Signing onto a long term commitment – There is no way to tell whether this newly formed team will be a sure fire hit down the road until it is actually tried. It is best to be prepared with an exit strategy when things do not turn out according to expectations.

    Never sign a contract that binds you to an agreement for years at a time without any provisions for a bail out. Try to work out an agreement with your partner that will be favorable for the both of you. Always make it a win-win situation. Have that exit strategy conversation and the ensuing time together will be much more pleasant.

A business joint venture partnership could very well help your business reach greater heights, but it can also result in failure. The best way that you will be able to protect your personal and business interests is by making a conscious effort to avoid the common mistakes that many businesses have already committed.

Educate yourself by looking up what experts have to say about the joys and pitfalls of joint venture agreement and then come back to let us know of your experiences.

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