Are Your Marketing Strategies and Ideas
As Profitable As They Could Be?

Fellow Business owner, welcome to the new old way of thinking about marketing strategies and ideas!

You see, I believe you already have “hiding” in your business right now, undiscovered opportunities for more sales – perhaps as much as a 25% increase in sales and profits or more in the next 60-90 days!

And, I’ll help you find these new sources of sales WITHOUT ASKING YOU TO SPEND MORE MONEY ON TRADITIONAL ADVERTISING! Would you like to hear more about how to get the phones ringing and the doors swinging?

The business world has changed immensely over the past few years… but effective marketing strategies and ideas have not.

Is Your Business Thriving?

Through my high impact and common sense small business consulting, I work to make your business a stream-lined, profit-making machine. You will be shown you how to increase your business and start making more money today by simply refining what you already have in place.

In fact, most businesses actually decrease their marketing budgets while increasing profits!

Service professionals are frustrated with their marketing, disillusioned with being self employed, tired of working long hours, and often consider going back and working for someone else. I teach a simple marketing program that anyone who is suffering from these maladies can adopt and implement in six or seven simple steps.

Working in collaboration together, you are going to eliminate your struggles to attract more clients with less effort and achieve better results and create a more successful and sustainable service business that allows you to serve your clients, while at the same time delivers you your goals and desires.

What Makes Me Different

I am unique from other similar services is that I work exclusively with independent service providers which include chiropractors, dentists, consultants, coaches, contractors, etc. I do what I teach and I take you through it.

If you implement the strategies and ideas I personalize for you, you will discover that your profits will incredibly exceed my fees. So at the end of the day my services are not only free but make you money.

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Small Business Growth Tips
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Marketing Strategies and Ideas Blog
Learn marketing strategies and ideas to help your small business increase clients and profits.
Raving Fans of Marketing Strategies and Ideas
Hear what some raving fans say about my small business marketing strategies and ideas.
Business Email Marketing System Strategies Tips Solutions
No cost business email marketing system strategies tips solutions and ideas for more business.
Small Business Marketing Strategy Ideas
No cost program to learn small business marketing strategy ideas.
Marketing Services
My Marketing Services
Your Marketing Message Creation Seminar
This is a great way to attend a one hour practical seminar to help you grow your business in 2011 and also help out a local family in need.
Create an Effective Marketing Message Seminar
Learn how to create a marketing message that sells.
Google Places Workshop, Learn How to Outrank Your Competition Online
Learn how to get a Google Places listing that gets RESULTS!
Marketing Strategies and Ideas Story
Effective marketing strategies and ideas for your small business to acheive an improved condition.
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small business marketing strategy ideas
Guest Writing for Marketing Strategies and Ideas
Guest writing guidelines for Marketing Strategies and Ideas
Social Media Sites, Valuable Business Platforms
Learn why social media sites are not for personal socializing alone but need to be embraced by your business.
What is Marketing? A Simple Definition of Marketing
What is marketing? Discover the basics in this this marketing tutorial.
Advertise on Marketing Strategies and Ideas
Here are the guidelines to advertise on Marketing Strategies and Ideas
Please Share This Marketing Strategies and Ideas Site
Do you have a web site or blog? Please share this marketing strategies and ideas website to help other small business owners. Here's how...
Email Marketing Lists, Email Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses
Using email marketing lists is among the best email marketing strategies for small businesses.
The 80 20 Rule, Using the Pareto Principle to Increase Productivity
Use these 80 20 rule guidelines to increase productivity.
Keys to Good Customer Service, Improving Know, Like, and Trust Techniques
Keys to good customer service start with these tips to leverage the Know, Like, Trust Factor.
Start Your Own Business Ideas, New Small Business Ideas to Explore
Four start your own business ideas to get you started.
Basic Networking for Business Strategies Tutorial
This Basic Networking in Business strategies tutorial give you a head start in growing your business.
Email Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses
These email marketing strategies will help you set up and maintain your own email newsletter.
Your QR Codes Tutorial
Use this QR Codes tutorial to help you grow your business.
Client Referrals
Your client referrals tutorial.
Facebook Marketing, Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses
Use these Facebook Marketing strategies for small businesses as a tutorial in reality.
Customer Relationship Management Article
Use this customer relationship management article to cultivate great customers.
Freebies and Giveaways, Small Business Marketing Strategy
Use the tips about freebies and giveaways for a great small business marketing strategy.
Online Marketing Tips, Marketing Strategies
These online marketing tips will help even if your business does not yet exist on the Internet.
Small Business Credit Card Processing, Business Credit Card Processing Tutorial
Use this small business credit card processing tutorial to help you get the best value.
Writing Press Releases, How to Get Free Publicity
Writing press releases is a great small business marketing strategy. Use these questions to get it done right.
Online Marketing Success: A Small Business Marketing Strategy
For better online marketing success, use these small business marketing strategy ideas to start an online marketing solution list.
Video Screen Capture, Small Business Marketing Strategy
Use free video screen capture as an effective small business marketing strategy to grow your business.
Get Noticed and Get More Business, Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses
Learn how how to get noticed and get more business in less time with these two proven marketing ideas for small businesses.
Online Video Advertising, A Marketing Idea for Small Business
Use these online video advertising and production tips to create, edit, and host your own videos as an effective marketing idea for small business growth.
Networking 101, Network Marketing Tips
Get your effective Networking 101 learning here with these guaranteed network marketing strategy tips to overcome shyness and grow your business.
How to Get Free Publicity, Small Business Marketing Strategy
Would you like to learn how to get free publicity? This small business marketing strategy is explained.
Opening a Small Business, Steps to Home Based Business Success
When opening a small business, get these three areas done right.
Text Message Marketing, How to Use SMS Text Marketing
As you learn to use text message marketing effectively, here are 4 important points to help grow your business.
Reduce Business Taxes, Strategies to Save Money
To reduce business taxes for small businesses, use these 10 effective strategies to save money.
Social Media Marketing Tutorial, Marketing Small Business Online
How is your social media marketing strategy? Use this tutorial and encouragement to get you going.
Business Joint Venture Agreement Mistakes to Avoid, Top Ways to Improve Your Joi
Improve your business joint venture agreement quickly by avoiding these three biggest mistakes.
Providing Good Customer Service, Tutorial of 5 Ways to Be Effective
A review of 5 guaranteed solutions for providing good customer service that are simple and amazingly effective.
Brand Marketing Online Strategies
Your brand marketing online will improve using these strategies.
Providing Good Customer Service Online: How to Take Charge and Profit
Providing good customer service online is easy with these 5 effective tips.
How to Write an eBook and Drive Your Business
Learn how to write an eBook with this easy to understand tutorial.
Small Business Marketing Tip: Is Tunnel Vision Stifling Your Business?
Today's small business marketing tip gives you 7 warning signs to combat profit stiffling tunnel vision.
How to Start a Small Business in 9 Steps
As you start a small business, launch it successfully with this comprehensive business start up guide and tutorial.
Effective Small Business Marketing Strategy Ideas, Your Marketing Plan Outline
Use these unbeatable small business marketing strategy ideas as you get your start in business or grow your current one.
Marketing Strategies for Difficult Products
Marketing Strategies for Difficult Products in an economic slump is easier when you are focused on these ideas.
Word of Mouth Marketing Strategies 101
Learn how to kick-start your word of mouth marketing strategies with three easy and proven techniques.
Teleseminar Tips, Marketing Strategies to Profit From
Use these remarkable teleseminar tips as effective marketing ideas.
Contribute to Marketing Strategies
Would you like to share your knowledge about marketing strategies? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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