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Your QR Codes Tutorial

QR Codes (Quick Response) is one of the hottest “new” marketing tools that has become more and more popular this past year. They are popping up everywhere and maybe your should be also.

For marketing purposes they are typically used to connect a person to a website or online video for more information about a product or service. The one to the right when scanned will take you to the USA Today website for example.

History and Uses

They have actually been around for quite a while and they were first introduced by Toyota subsidiary Denso-Wave in 1994 as a special bar code that could be read at a high speed, hence the name “Quick Response”. They were initially used to track auto parts in the vehicle manufacturing business, but have since been adapted to be used for marketing purposes.

This form of marketing was first introduced in Japan and more people access the Internet via their mobile phones than from a PC. Readers come pre-installed on mobile phones and allow people to view additional data about products and services quickly and easily while reducing printing costs for the companies that use them.

McDonald’s restaurants in Japan, for example, print them on the wrappers used for hamburgers that the customer uses to link users to a website providing nutritional information.

An excellent way to provide further details about a product that needs to be seen to be better understood is to use them to link to a video demonstrating the product or service in action and answering common questions people have.

How to Get Started

So what do you need to start taking advantage of and start using them in your business?

First, you will need a camera phone with a QR Code reader so you can read codes yourself and better understand how they work. Some mobile phones come with them pre-installed. If yours does not, there are plenty of free ones that you should be able to find for your particular phone using Google.

Next, to start using them to promote your business, find a generator to create one. Two of the more popular services you will find online are Kaywa and ZXing. Or again, let Google help you find plenty of options. You should find plenty to let you generate codes for free to use for your business.

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