Small Business Marketing
Strategy Ideas

to Help You Increase Business and Profits

Effective small business marketing strategy ideas that brings in new and repeat customers are the lifeblood of your business.

In order to keep your doors open and live the life you want, you need people to buy your product or service. Although there are many rewarding reasons to be in business for yourself, the most likely reason for running a business is to turn a profit and make money.

Although keeping your existing client base happy is incredibly important, most businesses depend on new customers for growth. And you may have have tried various methods of marketing and advertising.

For example, if you are a real estate agent, being online and into the social media marketing thing is a must. Learn some effective real estate marketing ideas, apply the techniques, and watch your business and profits soar!

Of course, this applies to any market segment or "niche" you are in.

Do You Depend on the Yellow Pages?

Almost every business has been involved with yellow page or phone book advertising at some point. Not only can these advertisements be costly, but it can also be hard to track the results if you’re doing multiple forms of marketing or advertising as many businesses are.

This may not come as a surprise to you, but the number of people going to the yellow pages or other forms of print advertising to look for your business is dwindling every year. In fact, over 80% of your potential customers go online first when they’re looking for your business. This is huge!!

So, this leads to the obvious observation that far fewer of your potential customers are looking for you in the yellow pages or other forms of offline advertising.

Are You Effective Online?

If my small business marketing strategy ideas depend on new customers to grow, I want to tap into the over 80% of people that are searching for me online.

Sure, the yellow pages may include you in their online directory as well, but the downside is you are up against all of your competitors in the same listings -- just like the phone book. However, you need marketing strategies that sell.

With this "tunnel vision" strategy, it is communicated that "The business with the biggest ad wins!" And typically there is a hefty price tag attached to that big ad. There is a better way…

Start Improving Your Condition

Learn about that way in my no cost Dominate Your Local Market program that will give you some solid basics of what you should be doing in your own small business marketing.

Download your own copy of Dominate Your Local Market now. The program is no cost to you today and comes with a Bonus 7 Part Marketing Basics Course to help your business and profits grow with very effective small business marketing strategy ideas!

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