Effective Small Business Marketing Strategy Ideas
Your Marketing Plan Outline

You are in need of an effective small business marketing strategy. You have taken your idea, your passion, your dream and are now getting your start in business. However, as you set out to make a huge splash in the market, you struggle to generate a ‘buzz’ and word of mouth is not talking loudly enough.

As a small business, it is unlikely that you are going to have huge resources to plough into a multi-national, multi-platform, multi-media marketing campaign - but strategies of any size need to get the fundamentals right. Here are ten things that you must do if you want your first campaign to be a successful one.

    1. Host An Event: generate a buzz around your business by hosting an event that will get tongues wagging. Invite potential customers, industry experts and the press.

    2. Press Release: writing a press release about your business (or an event) can be very effective. Push your businesses’ USP to make it newsworthy and try and get it published in print and online.

    3. Corporate Gifts: whether as part of an event or as a small business marketing strategy on its own, using branded corporate promotional gifts (aka freebies) is a tried and tested method.

    4. QR Codes: at events, in advertising, online and on stationary, include QR codes that direct customers to your website or to promotional offers.

    5. SMS Messaging: alongside QR codes you should keep a leads list of telephone numbers who you can target with offers, discounts and promotions.

    6. Attend Events: as well as hosting your own events you should attend as many industry events as possible. This will make you a well-known name within your industry.

    7. Social Networks: you probably already have a social media presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, amongst others, but this small business marketing strategy is to ensure that you update your profiles regularly and give the online community an incentive to link to you, such as targeted offers and giveaways.

    8. Traditional Networks: there is no substitute for traditional networking so get out there, shake hands, and make contacts.

    9. SEO: any effective online strategy must include some amount of Search Engine Optimization to drive customers to your website.

    10. Realism: be realistic in your expectations and how you judge the effectiveness of a strategy. Also be realistic about what you offer to customers: always ensure that you can provide what you say you can.

Running a business is tough, and marketing it well is even tougher. This article is aimed at helping you decide on your small business marketing strategy for the upcoming months, and which ones might work best for you. Consider this list your marketing plan outline as you get your start in business or are looking to grow your current one.

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