Email Marketing Strategies
for Small Businesses

Are you looking for email marketing strategies for small businesses and convinced that building an email list and marketing to your prospects and clients this way is not only doable, but profitable? Good. Now that you have made the decision, these five tips presented to you here will help you get yours off to a great start.

    1. Whatever e-mail service provider you have chosen, there will be tutorials stepping you through the process of putting together your first newsletter. In conjunction, you will also create a sign-up form for those who visit your website, giving them a chance to opt-in to receive your valuable information. Be sure to place this in a prominent position where it is easy to see and access.

    2. With your sign-up/opt-in form, offer some kind of incentive that will encourage visitors to join your newsletter list. Put a small blurb with the benefits they will receive by being a valuable member on your list. Look on the right side of any of my website pages for an example.

    3. One of the best sign up incentives to offer is a downloadable information product such as a report, audio, or video series. Make it chock full of valuable and useful content displaying your subject matter expertise. Maybe offer a PDF formatted report and also give them an "unannounced bonus" of an audio or video after they have signed up.

    4. Wondering what exactly to offer? A great email marketing strategy is to create a short report or video answering the most commonly asked questions about your type of product or service. This allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Or a Top 10 list with a paragraph each. Experiment using different report titles to discover which one inspires your readers' most to cause them to sign-up for your email list. Whatever your choose, be sure it is some great stuff that adds value.

    5. Try to be as specific as possible, telling them how often they will be hearing from you. Sending out about one per week or two weeks is enough to keep you on their mind, yet not annoying them to the point they unsubscribe. Experiment with this to discern what is best for you and your readers.

There you are. Five email marketing strategies to consider and take action on to get your own newsletter started with success. Hold on now, there is more! To further help you, I am going to give you some ideas about what to write about in your own email newsletter. Remember, however, that your prospects and customers will only read it if you meet their expectations of learning something valuable from you.

They will remain subscribers if you do not continuously pitch them with something for sale time and time again. I am not talking about the, "Oh by the way, I have an book that explains this concept in detail" mention. This is an acceptable subtle approach as you have just provided valuable content that will help them. It is recommended that you keep either an 80/20 or 90/10 ratio of valuable content vs. selling your own service or product.

Here are three email marketing strategies for what to provide your subscribers:

    1. While many newsletters simply provide education about new services or products of theirs (constant selling), it is more helpful to provide tips and ideas on the benefits and different ways to use or apply what they have purchased from you. Even better, create a video answering the questions that have been asked of you.

    Although you can, and should, educate them about new services and products, be sure to always provide much more value to your subscribers. This in turn will be ease the anxiety or questions prospects may have and are yet unsure whether the purchase.

    2. Using testimonials or case studies are also great topics to put in your newsletter as it easily displays others benefiting by using your service or product, helping to reinforce the notion that you are indeed the expert and they should really be doing business with you.

      Hey David,I just wanted to say thanks one more time for all the time you spent with us. I'm really learning a ton; I just wish I could absorb it faster!! -- Max Jaffe

    3. Many times I myself like to read about the person behind the scenes of where I do business at. One way to do this is by writing a sentence or two at the beginning of each newsletter about what you did this past week and how that impacted you. A short one or two sentences will do.

I trust these email marketing strategies for small businesses have been helpful. If you need help taking action, let me know. By sticking around, next time you will be treated to some valuable ways of increasing productivity and profits using the 80/20 rule.

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