Teleseminar Tips
Marketing Strategies to Profit From

These teleseminar tips will help you increase your audience and your expertise status. OK, not the tips alone, but actually taking action on them. Telesminars are group conversations that take place over the telephone. The usual format is the speaker presents detailed information on a particular topic of interest and opens up at the end for some questions and answers. It is a phone seminar, if you will.

These teleseminars have become a popular way to get your message out to a wider audience as well as creating an extra income stream by garnering new clients or selling products. As you consider marketing strategies to attract more prospects, consider holding a teleseminar and impress your audience with how you are able to solve a problem of theirs.

To get you started in thinking this direction, here are three points to consider:

    Give Them for Free

    There is a reason for so many podcast and teleseminars available for free: economies of scale, being able to say something once and have it go out to a wider audience (both live and by the recording) is a great marketing idea.

    Those that end up calling you afterwards are much more likely to buy. Giving out loads of free information is a great warm lead generator. Be sure to actually use the teleseminar tips or results will not happen.

    Stay Focused

    Concentrate on one topic and make the content remarkable. Create a winning title and then deliver what it promises, being very specific. An average teleseminar will last between 30 and 60 minutes. In that time, give enough information to both impress your audience and move them to action on at least one point.

    Create Information Products

    Be sure to record your teleseminar, adding value by sending the attendees a copy. Create a sales page, offering the recording as a digital download for $10.00. In addition, create a transcript and turn the result into a professionally formatted eBook.

    With these new information products, be creative and use them to both add an income stream and attract newsletter subscribers by offering your new eBook for them signing up to your list. However you use them, information products have a high perceived value as well as you being able to display your expertise, possibly guarding your clients in the process.

    Remain Positive

    As you will be giving out your own personalized and remarkable information on your topic or subject in your own personalized away, be sure to maintain a positive attitude and voice at all times. Keep the discussion engaging and entertaining, packed with incredibly useful and actionable information. Use appropriate humor and connect with your audience and a personal way and you will be rewarded with a great reputation and income from product sales and new clients.

With these four teleseminar tips to profit from, are you ready to go and put on one yourself? I hope so. And when you do, invite me. I would like to benefit personally and professionally from your own unique perspective and expertise. Let us know about you teleseminar topic or any problems you may be having setting one up below.

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