How to Get Free Publicity
Small Business Marketing Strategy

Teaching you how to get free publicity is my goal with this article, helping you to lay a foundation for growing your business. Do not get overwhelmed, but consider the big picture and then dive into doing this small business marketing strategy well with the following proven ideas:

    Write a Column – Writing a regular column, whether in a newspaper, magazine, ezine, or offline newsletter, is a great way to become known as an expert in your field. Once published, send reprints to your clients and prospects to add proof to your sales letters and promotional materials.

    Write an Article – Articles are anything from a short essay on a topic to a feature article in a magazine, newspaper, ezine, newsletter, you name it. Being published just once can lend a lot of credibility to your business.

    Write articles and publish them on popular websites in your field (niche) or visit forums where your prospects frequent and post your informative/educational articles there.

    Write a Press Release – Press releases have been used to promote companies and products for years and while they have been around awhile, they are still tremendously effective if done correctly. The trick with press releases is to make sure your release is a newsworthy event.

    Try to put yourself in your newspaper editor’s shoes and ask yourself “Would my readers be interested in this?” No editor is going to run a story just because you now carry extra large widgets in your store. However, if your extra large widgets now make life pain free for 90% of the population, then you will have a chance at getting published.

Learning how to get free publicity from your writing depends on the target audience and publications to be published in. Editors will only consider press releases if they think their readers will appreciate the story. It is nothing personal, but they really do not care about you or your company. Your press release must effectively answer the What’s in it for me question for them.

Here are two more ideas to consider when writing press releases for your small business marketing strategy:

    Create a Newsworthy Event – While you can often tie in things your business is doing with current events that are published in the news, there is no reason you cannot create your own event worthy of making the daily paper or the evening news.

    Here is an idea to use to promote your business while supporting a good local cause. How about designating a day as a local “fire company appreciation day” or “adopt a pet day” and donating all or a portion of your proceeds from your sales to that local charity? You could issue a press release a week or so before your special event and invite the local media to spread the news or join you when you present a contribution check to your chosen charity.

    Attend Special Local Events – Keep an eye on your local news for events in your area to increase your visibility. Maybe another local business is holding a special event like the one mentioned above and you will partner with them by contributing to their cause, sharing in the publicity.

    For more info on getting how to get free publicity and writing an effective press release, a great resource is

Now, do not go overboard and try to do all of these at once. Take just one idea, create a plan and implement; then you move on to the next one. What do you think? Which one will you try today for your own small business marketing strategy?

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