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Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

At its core, marketing ideas for small businesses is all about getting your business noticed and standing apart from your competitors. Typically this is done through various means, going to where your target audience is to help you get noticed. Here are two great ways you to get noticed and grow your business while establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

    Through Your Writing

    The first great way to get noticed and get more business is to write something.

    If you sell products for example, write about what you sell and help your customers get the biggest benefit from your products as possible. Create passion led information products such as special reports or articles to help people choose the best products of yours to purchase, or help them to use and benefit from your products after the sale.

    Start by simply publishing articles or special reports on your website. Find online or printed publications willing to publish your material. Much like professional writers have their newspaper columns syndicated and published in various newspapers, contact websites or newspapers and see if they are interested in having you write for them. When you contact them, ask if they would be interested in your contributing some free content for them to publish.

    Take a moment to think about your business and what kind of things you could write about that a newspaper or website might be interested in. If you are in the landscaping business, could you write a weekly series with lawn care tips or gardening advice? If you run a computer repair business – you could write a weekly column with computer related tips and advice to share with people in your town.

    A Chiropractor could publish a weekly article in a local newspaper sharing all kinds of healthy living tips and advice. While the newspaper gets valuable content for their readers to benefit from, the Chiropractor brands himself as a local expert, getting his name noticed in front of thousands of people each week for free!

    Through Your Speaking

    The second great way to get noticed and grow is to speak about your business.

    Just as there are publications who may be interested in publishing something you have written, chances are good that there are local groups who will be interested in having you speak to their members and educate them about your business. Perhaps you could speak at a local chamber of commerce or networking group meeting.

    But what if you cannot find any local groups you can speak to? Then you will just have to hold your own seminar!

    Local doctors often advertise free, informational seminars to educate people about things such as joint replacements or financial advisers holding seminars on retirement planning.

    These seminars are an excellent way to build a list of qualified prospects for your business.

    However, if all you do is pitch your services from the front of the room, you will turn off your prospects and make a terrible first impression. Whatever the product or service you sell, always seek to provide lots of great, valuable content in an informational seminar like this. This is your chance to show why you are the expert prospects should do business with.

    Now I know that public speaking is something many people fear almost as much as they fear dying. Join a Toastmasters group to improve your public speaking skills or other ways to work around your fear.

    If you see the benefit in holding informational seminars but do not want to speak yourself, partner with a colleague who knows all about your product or service and have them speak, or hire someone to present the material for you.

    Achieve a similar result by video recording an informational presentation that you make available on your website or on a DVD that you mail to prospects. This is a very common and effective way of marketing a business and you will see companies on TV promoting products such as reverse mortgages, hot tubs, electric mobility scooters, etc., in this way at all hours of the day and night.

So, if you need to grow your business and you are looking for some new marketing methods to try, start writing or speaking and educating your prospects. These marketing ideas for small businesses work because they are the most personalized. Because of them, you may soon get noticed and get more business than you know what to do with!

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