Could your small business use help in getting the word out about your products or services & thousands more in revenue, each and every month?

Well, just by attending the CREATING AN EFFECTIVE MARKETING MESSAGE workshop, you’ll gain ideas to instantly:

    Increase your businesses’ overall revenue

    Increase your number of clients

    Increase the frequency of repurchases

    Increase your brand awareness with top-of-the-line marketing strategies

If this is what you’re looking for, then TODAY, I’m going to help you do just that…..And all it takes is just 1 hour of your time!

That’s right, 1 hour is all it takes and you’ll be provided with hands on training during a 1 hour Creating an Effective Marketing Message workshop.

At this workshop, you’ll be handed some of the EXACT same methods that fortune 500 companies have used to become the fortune 500 companies that they are today .. Now you can too!

Dear Small Business Owner,

Let’s face it: Being a small business owner these days is tough. For some, maybe even you, it’s down right depressing, especially with the state of the global economy.

If you’re like most small business owners, you’re finding yourself spending more time trying to keep your head above water rather than actually growing your business.

.. And I’m willing to bet that you’ve done everything that you can think of to get things on track, from setting up a company website to capitalizing on the Internet and everything else in between, but up until now, nothing has worked.

But there’s something you should know:

“Just having a website & telling your family & friends about your business isn’t enough”

Sure, having a website allows you to:

    ✔ Achieve a competitive edge over your competitors✔ Generate inquiries and new customers✔ Sell your products and services, quicker & easier✔ Provide low-cost customer support

But if you don’t have the proper methods in place, you won’t experience the results from your website that some in the past have promised you.

I know that you’ve been told that if you get a website up then all of this money will start flowing in.

Well, as you probably have found out that’s a load of bologna. I sympathize with you and I know exactly how you feel. You’ve been told one thing and found out another. Unfortunately this same scenario has happened to many small business owners just like you.

But that’s what the Creating an Effective Marketing Message workshop is for: To provide you with the complete solution by developing an effective marketing and get the word out business strategy. Only then can you fully utilize all of the income generating opportunities available today to grow your small business.

But you don’t want to use any kind of methods…you need proven methods to get the word out about your business.

The good news for you, however, is that things don’t have to be as they are and this workshop can help you go from a struggling small business to a profit-producing corporation just by using effective ways to get the word out about your business.

With the information and knowledge you’ll gain at this workshop, you’ll ..

“Increase clients, increase the effectiveness of your marketing message & increase your overall profits”

Using the information revealed at this breakthrough Creating an Effective Marketing Message workshop, I’ll help you grow your client base, increase your average transaction by improving your product value, and promotions, placing you in perfect position for your customers to spend money with you—not just once or twice, but over and over again, month after month!

EVEN IF everything you’ve tried so far has failed you miserably……I have the answer to your problems to help you:

    ✔ Reduce your expenses, by the thousands…. and increase profits without sacrificing quality or service

    ✔ Instantly boost your overall sales, attract new customers, and even regain former customers

    ✔ Restore interest in your small business, regardless of the products or services you offer, by attracting 100---500---1,000 plus potential new customers to your small business website, day after day, using tested and proven to work methods to get the word out about your business EVEN IF you’re on a shoestring budget.

I’ll tell you more about that in a minute, but first let me introduce myself so you’ll know from the start ..

“Who I am & why you can trust what I say…”

Hi, my name is David Kimball, a member of three international mastermind associations concentrating on improving profits for small businesses.

I have a business degree in entrepreneurship and I’ve helped businesses just like yours, large and small, increase their businesses’ overall revenue, increase their brand awareness, and increase their dollar value per sale…and today we want to help you!

So why did I tell you all of that?

Well, before I started telling you exactly how I can help you during this Creating an Effective Marketing Message workshop, I wanted you to have a clear understanding of who I am and provide you with real-life examples of how I’ve already helped other business owners overcome all the odds to be successful in their field…and TODAY I want to help you succeed in effectively getting your message out about your small business.

To get your message across to where it appeals to others requires a combination of careful planning, scalability and flexibility.

During this workshop, I’ll consult with you to devise a customized plan, strategies, and methodologies that will help your get your message across about your business to increase revenue.

But there’s something you MUST understand too ..

“Branding & awareness does not necessarily translate to actual results”

Here’s why: For a small business like yours, just building a brand image isn’t the smartest way to go about growing your business, simply because this is a long-term process, with no guaranteed results.

Let me give you a perfect example and I’m sure you’ll see what I mean:

Small businesses or enterprises cannot compete with the big brands and neither are they equipped to wait for years to build their brands. Therefore, effective marketing is the perfect solution, which I can help you with.

Good marketing, along with a solid message can send customers straight to the door steps of your business faster--in NOT years--NOT months---NOT weeks, but in just days.

In addition, using solid marketing strategies in which I’ll help you with during this workshop, you’ll still be able to build your brand identity, get the word out about your business and generate FAST customer response.

Using effective marketing strategies also empowers you with the opportunity to transform prospects into loyal and lucrative customer for your business.

In fact,

“I’ll give you a sneak-peak on what you’ll discover at this workshop”

Most small businesses choose traditional methods like yellow pages, newspaper ads, but few include a website that employs direct response methods.

However, I know and understand that these are the methods that you know and are comfortable with, because for decades this has been for you, as well as your competitors, the cornerstones of reaching your clientele.

But these methods are very expensive. To guarantee market saturation they use a shotgun approach; big ads in the yellow pages and mailers to every address.

In other words, by repeatedly or sending the same ads, to the same target market, every prospect should eventually see the ad. One of the problems for businesses like yours, is that there’s just too many off-line choices to choose from.

For one, there are several yellow pages in most communities, and none of them have complete listings, translating to only partial market penetration.

Additionally, there is no tracking for YOU, the advertiser to know how many prospects are looking for you, how many have found you, or how many return to read your ad a second time.

You have no idea how many times your ad is actually viewed. No traditional off-line form of advertising provides in-depth tracking and without it, you can only speculate what to change or improve.

Trying to increase leads, customers, and revenue, using ONLY your current methods is a hit and miss approach, which is not what you want and is the No. 1 reason why it’s taking you so long to get to that next level of success.

But with me on your side, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

At this Creating an Effective Marketing Message workshop, I’ll provide you with proven, frequently unrecognized, and almost totally underutilized ways to grow your business.

And to ensure that you know exactly what you’ll discover at this workshop,

“Here are just a few ideas in which I’ll discuss & help you implement during this workshop”

Local Lead Generation: Advertising is complex and an ever-changing science. New ideas and media uses are being devised daily, and as the advertising industry switches emphasis from media to media, and as new technologies and lifestyle trends develop.

This workshop can help in assessing all of this to produce local lead generation for your business.

Email Marketing: Email marketing is probably one of the most cost-effective tools available to business owners. Whether you want to stay in front of people who are in research mode or up selling current customers, an email marketing campaign can help.

Direct Response: Direct response techniques are used to achieve results such as the sense of urgency, clear and compelling copy, graphics and design on your company website, which aims to reinforce your marketing message.

Search Engine Marketing: There are more than 320 million searches made by search engines and directories daily. Search engines deliver highly qualified, motivated buyers because users are actively searching for the information. By exploiting this technique you can give your business a competitive advantage. Of course, I’ll ensure that you do just that!

Social Media: A successful social media marketing campaign leads to a lot more talk about your business online and offline. When your message works, people will spread your message more effectively than traditional methods. Social media via Facebook, Twitter, etc. gives you the power of recommendation, which equals fast and easy profits for you.

Customer Retention Strategy: By delivering higher-than-expected levels of service to your customers, you will keep them loyal and coming back to your products and services.

Smart Phone Campaign: Who doesn’t have a mobile device these days? Smartphone marketing has tapped into the power of mobile advertising and both users and marketers have gained enormously from it and your business can benefit as well.

Results Tracking: By tracking your results, which I’ll help you put tools in place to automate the process, you’ll finally be able to:

    ✔ Identify which media generates more leads

    ✔ Identify which media generates better quality customers

    ✔ Identify which marketing techniques are drawing customers

Most importantly, you can actually truly track how much revenue your marketing dollar generates.

Just imagineyour product or service making 1—3—5 times + more sales than it does right now each and every day.

Just picture yourself with the thriving business that you’ve always knew you could have.

Just think for a moment just how good life could be, knowing that you’re getting the most out of your business while squeezing out every single cent that you truly deserve!

You’ll experience all of this and more just by signing up to this life-changing Creating an Effective Marketing Message workshop, where you’ll receive these extra bonuses<:

    ✔ One hour personalized Business Opportunity Analysis

    ✔ 4-weeek free pass to the Goldstar Referral Club meetings

    ✔ FREE Continental breakfast

…..And all you’ll pay to attend this amazing workshop is $XX.XX! david kimball

PS: Though I have absolutely no clue as to what it is you’re selling or offering, I’m so confident in my experience, ability, and skill that right now I’m guaranteeing your success…..But YOU have to take the first step by doing one or all of the following:


PPS: There are ONLY 15 SPOTS for this workshop, so you must sign up for this workshop today to ensure that you don’t miss out on it.

Sign up NOW!!!

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