Keys to Good Customer Service
Improving Know, Like, and Trust Techniques

What are effective keys to good customer service? Consider for a moment the businesses you give your money to, either in your town or online. Are there any you do not know, like, or trust? Of course not or you would keep your money.

Realistically, are you more likely to give your business to the guy selling electronics out of the trunk of his car or where the store that has been around for years and its marketing efforts you have seen? I know, silly question.

Whether you are purchasing a service or product, most consumers weigh the risks and benefits of buying from the one business versus is another. As a business owner yourself, you will leverage the Know, Like, Trust Factor better by minimizing the risks while educating your prospects on the tremendous value and benefits of your product or service to them.

    1. Become Visible

    It does not matter if you are going at it alone or have a company with thousands of employees, prospects want to know that they are dealing with real people. Give your name and background on social media and let them know you have employees that directly interact with clients.

    Find out if a client is willing to be publicly mentioned in your promotional materials, including your website. A video testimonial is golden.

    2. Provide Incredible Value

    About the best way for prospects to know, like, and trust you is providing incredible value before you even hint about purchasing something. It is a great pre-qualifier to help know whether working together will be a good fit.

    Providing this value can be through a newsletter, seminars, webinars, articles, white papers, samples, and the like. Whatever avenue you choose, keys to good customer service include always giving helpful information that people can digest and use immediately. Depending on the product or service, you may be able to provide a free trial, allowing them to experience firsthand the benefits of what you are selling.

    3. Offer an Ironclad Guarantee

    Do you fear that by guaranteeing your work, people will take advantage of the services or products you are selling? Well, do not. As a matter of fact, you may indeed have a small percentage that will take you up on your refund offer; however, you will gain more sales due to an increase of perceived credibility that will make up for the few requests for refunds that you might get.

    The other half of me is a financial coach, helping individuals and families set up a personlized household budget planning process. I offer all prosepctive clients a two week no questions asked money back guarantee. Each time I offer it, I hear the "wow" factor come out in their voice which helps to alleviate any axiety casued by giving hundreds of dollars for an "unknown". And you know what? I have yet to be asked for a refund. This is why I have included this in these keys to good customer service.

    4. Make Contacting You Easy

    Make it easy for people to connect with you both before the sale and after. Post your phone number on your website as well as you complete address with even a map to get them to you. Also, standard practice is to have a contact form instead of an e-mail address on websites. Be sure to respond quickly to all inquiries as having good customer service is also very golden.

I "trust" you have found these keys to good customer service valuable and will begin to implement at least one idea today. You will find that each idea has a powerful multiplying effect and adds power to whichever methods of marketing you so choose to use for growing your business. Please let me know if there is anything I may help you with. I have a unique foundational marketing assessment you will find intriguing and valuable.

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