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My name is Richard Hoff. There is no worst feeling as a massage or physical therapist than trying to help clients and getting very little or absolutely NO results.

Sure, we’ve all received training in areas to relieve pain. But what happens when that training isn’t enough?

If you’re like most therapists, it just breaks your heart to see ANY of your clients walk away still in pain or having to live their lives in discomfort.

They have put their trust in you!

Well, what If I told you that there is a way for you to get the training you need to help ANYONE who walks into your business…..and at the same time help to either revive or grow your business with a wider range of therapy options you provide?

“I've been using MFR on my clients since your seminar in Boston this past October and I have been amazed with the results. Not only are my clients seeing greater changes in their own bodies and experiencing relief of chronic pain, but they are feeling more compelled than ever to tell their friends about the work I do. My practice has grown considerably with the use of MFR”
~Thank you, Carly K.

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Richard Hoff

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